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Troubleshooting and Issues


Errors about Side by Side assembiles on application startup

Verify the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable is installed. If needed, visit

Errors about Incorrect Configuration on application startup

See above.

Error Loading BIOS image

This indicates that the emulator is not aware of the BIOS file for the current machine. These are files the user must have on their computer. In the GUI, check Machine->BIOS Files and verify the correct BIOS files have been setup. If not use the Browse button to pick out the BIOS file. Also, BIOS files may be scanned for from Misc->Wizard.

Error Loading BASIC image

See above regarding BIOS files.

Error Loading ROM image

This indicates the emulator was not able to load the desired ROM image. The image must exist on the user’s computer. If attempting to load from the Launcher, select the file and check the File tab at the bottom. If the box is empty, then the file has not been found. Use the Misc->Scan For Files option from the Launcher, or the Misc->Wizard option from the main GUI to scan for files. From the Launcher, the user may use the View->Available option to see the list of images that have been found after scanning.

CPU Crashed. Enter Debugger?

This could mean several things:

Other Issues:

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