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The debugger can be entered by either using the -debug option at startup, or by pressing the F1 key during the emulation. This will bring the debug> prompt at the console. The following commands can be entered in the debugger:

b type value

Breakpoint command. Types are:
sl - scanline (antic starts draw at scanline 8 in my emu)
mem - memory address (hex value)

w value

Watch command. The debugger will look for a change at address specifed by value and break at that point.

d value

Delete breakpoint specified by value.

t cpu:file

Start trace of CPU to file specified by file. BE CAREFUL! File will grow very quickly. Best used with breakpoints.

x cpu

Stop trace of cpu and close file.

p type

Print. Types are:
cpu - cpu registers
antic - antic registers
gtia - gtia registers
pokey - pokey registers
dlist - antic display list
mem value - memory from value
mem value addresses b - number of addresses of memory from value in binary form


Single step through cpu code.


Continue emulation.


Print debugger help.


Quit to the GUI.